Our Story

Founded in early 2022, Membuzz introduced a new way to find local deals. From using random deals that come our way, changing into asking for deals from the places we love. 

Membuzz has built a deal platform that connects people with the local places they love, a win-win solution for those who want deals from places that matter to them and business owners who need to reach the right audience with their special offers. 

What we value is who we are


We are here to create more value for both local businesses and the customers around them. We believe that “win-win” is key for long lasting relationships


Everyone has a voice and can make a change. We support our employees, customers and business partners to voice their opinion and thoughts to help in our journey to continuously improve and stay relevant


We believe nothing is impossible when working together. We support each other in achieving our community goals, both for customers and businesses

Let's get started!